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I just found this gem.

Street Comics of San Francisco

I went, in part, to San Francisco to learn about the history of Underground Comix, and the role the city played in its development. I wrote about that elsewhere.

As I walked through the city, however, I encountered many examples of comic narrative at the street level. I’m sharing a little of that below.

You are great (in the Haight).

You are Great (in the Haight)

Not sure if this is social justice, but it was huge, surprising and cool.

Pacman Shield Ghost

The next two drawings were in a window, mostly likely drawn by a child. I wonder if they knew it would been seen by someone from the other side of the county, and posted on the Internet?

Help clean the Environment
resist fear poster

The next photos were taken in an alley in the Mission district. They were stunning, powerful and inspiring.

All these drawings and scenes were viewed by a visitor, documented and shared. And I saw a lot more, too. This tells me it’s worth making things like this and sharing them. You never know who will see it.

San Francisco!

In an attempt to offset disappointment caused by the feeble San Francisco Cartoon Museum, the city of San Francisco offered up other delights, which provided several days of amusement, surprise and wonder.

As I mentioned elsewhere, my lady friend and I took a short, much needed vacation to attend a reunion. We returned home feeling rested and reenergized.

We stayed with friends who have raccoons that frequently visit the inside of their kitchen at night. Imagine their delight at having real, living raccoons in their home! So good!!!

Pearl Jam: Live in Two Dimensions

If I’m being honest with you, and, honestly, I’m always honest with you, then I’d tell you we were looking for a restroom when we walked into the Haight Street Arts Center.

To our surprise, there was a reception and a show of Pearl Jam tour posters.

Pearl Jam in Two Dimensions poster
Soundgarden poster
more Brightly colored tour posters
Brightly colored tour posters
Pearl Jam and Mud Honey poster

I’ve never paid much attention to Pearl Jam, but look at all the neon goodness!

Sutro Bath Ruins

We hiked around the Sutro Baths, their ruins, and the hills behind them.

City Lights Book Shop

City Lights Bookstore

No trip to San Francisco should be considered a complete success without at least one trip to City Lights.

As we walked through many neighborhoods and districts, we stopped in every bookshop we encountered. I miss good bookstores, and realized how much I have missed by relying so heavily on Amazon’s recommendations. I discovered a lot of hidden treasure in these shops.

Me, looking at Beat Literature at City Lights Bookstore

A Case for Making

We stopped in a small shop call Case for Making, where they were making water color paint. I’ve never seen water color paint being made, nor was I aware that there are fluorescent shades!

There were many other highlights, some of which are featured in their very own blog posts. A few will not get their own post, like the amazing burritos we had, or the naked man we saw standing on Castro street. Perhaps he wasn’t fully naked – he had a “Make America Great Again” hat on, with some flip flops. But, still. You don’t see that often in Baltimore, and it makes me love San Fransisco even more.

Small Stories and Other Stories

Small Stories and other stories.

I am a guest artist at the Hamilton Gallery in Baltimore. It’s a special honor to be showing here, because it’s in my neighborhood! Here are some of the particulars…

is pleased to present the exhibition

Jim Doran: Small Stories and Other Stories

Exhibition run October 4 – October 27, 2019

First Friday, October 4, 6-9pm

Sunday, October 20, 1-3pm

5502 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214

Link to Google Maps

This show feels a lot like the School33 show. Certain themes reveal themselves to me as I worked on this. There is the usual thread of macabre fun, but also some commentary on artists themselves, science fiction and a magnificent story around scissors. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this material, and as always, I must thank those closest to me for their patience, understanding, and encouragement. I hope you can make it. I will post exhibit photos below, as they become available.

In the meantime, I needed a sign for the front window, and this is what I came up with…

Neon Sign for Small Stories and Other Stories
Neon Sign for Small Stories and Other Stories
I’m not sure I made it bright enough….
spoons on the wall
Gallery view
Clock diorama and scissors
Early at the opening, people mingling
Artist Talk on a rainy Sunday
Small Stories Zines in a basket
Jim Doran

David Best’s Temple

We visited the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. today. The following image and quote are from the Renwick Website…

David Best's Temple

David Best’s Temple transforms the Renwick Gallery’s Bettie Rubenstein Grand Salon into a glowing sanctuary, offering visitors a quiet place to reflect and pay tribute to lost loved ones. Originally part of the exhibition No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man, this site-specific installation covers the walls with intricately carved raw wood panels that lead to an ornate altar. Wooden placards are provided for visitors to write a personal message and leave within the installation.

Visitors were invited to write something on a piece of wood, and add to the exhibit. I presume this temple will be burned at some point, as this happens at the Burning Man festival.

The temple was breathtaking.

Some of the inscriptions were funny. Many were wrenching.

What is my life without your love? Who am I without you by my side?

I left a contribution, too.