Joie de Vivre

Plasticland @ Rhizome DC

I am fortunate in that, post graduation, I’m getting to be a part of an MFA exhibit with some members of my cohort at Rhizome in Washington, DC.

I decided to submit my stop motion film Plasticland for this exhibit, and after installing the work, I’m really glad it did. I think the space and this work speak to each other.

Rhizome DC, outside the house
Plasticland installation at base of monitor, with modified toy figures

From the Rhizome website:

September 3 – 24 * Exhibit open during all events and by appointment: email * Opening event Saturday September 10 from 4-6pm

Rhizome is excited to partner with Towson University’s MFA program to present an exhibition of selected works by recent MFA graduates. The show features a range of 2D work, video, and installation. The work clearly springs forth from pandemic times and anxieties while speaking to timeless preoccupations of the ever-searching artist. The selected artists juxtapose personal searches for their particular truths with themes of transformation in natural and built environments, cycles of growth and decay, and the nature of who we are.

Featuring work by: Zachary Diaz / Erin Barry-Dutro / Claudia Cappelle / David Calkins / Jim Doran / Brianna Doyle / Grace Doyle / Jodi Hoover / Lolo Gem / Katherine Nonemaker / Aral Olgun / Andrew Thorpe / You Wu / Jen Yablonsky / Tara Youngborg

Thanks to Kanchan Balsé for curating the show from the works submitted.

Plasticland installation at base of monitor, with modified toy figures as seen from above
Joie de Vivre

Bazooka Joe with Fugazi

My buddy Andy at work just sent me this flier from a show with Fugazi. Fantastic!

Joie de Vivre

Psychedelic Furs

Chloë, Beverly and I got the see the Psychedelic Furs at the Baltimore Soundstange. We thoroughly enjoyed this romp (at least for B & me) through the eighties.

Seeing them live, I was struck by how well the sax worked with Richard Butler’s voice. It’s like there were two singers.

They played stuff from their newest album, and Ghost in You, Heaven, Heartbreak Beat, President Gas, Pretty in Pink and Love my way (plus a lot more). Lovely evening in Baltimore!

Joie de Vivre

Father’s Day, Part 2. THE QUEERS

Chloë took me to see The Queers at the Baltimore Soundstage, which was extra nice since she had to work on Father’s Day. I missed the first band, but saw the Jasons, Dwarves and The Queers.

True story – in the 1990’s when I was touring with Bazooka Joe, we actually stayed at Joe King Queer’s house in New England. He was cool.

The Dwarves were incredibly loud. They played the “The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking” album in its entirety. I saw singer Paul Cafaro after the set (he asked what restaurants were open) and he actually hugged me!

It was a super fun night! Thanks, Chloë!

Joie de Vivre

Father’s Day 2022, Part 1

I’m posting a few pics of a special day with my girls, part one. Chloë had to work. She made me this fantastic ring! Lily took me out for Sushi, thrift stores and a nice NCR trail hike. And we played drums at Guitar Center. FUN DAY!