The Old San Juan (album release)

Album Cover showing the bottom half of an elderly man sitting in a cafe

All of the material on the first track of this release was recorded on an iPhone between 4/22/2022 and 4/30/2022 in Puerto Rico, with the exception of a guitar loop that was recorded in Baltimore on 4/22/2022. I brought the loop to work on with my iPad, and included it in this audio postcard as it felt like part of the trip to me.

The source material includes:

  • various vendors selling beer and food
  • a walk through Ponce
  • a distressed stray dog
  • street performers
  • the Atlantic Ocean at Castillo San Cristóbal
  • invisible frogs
  • a fellow traveler who snored continuously during a trip to the rain forest

Also included on this release is sound experiment no. 15.

Not a very thick album, but it conveys memory and feelings of the trip.


Coastguard at Public Option, DC

We just played at the Public Option in DC with the Flying Faders.

We repeated the set from our last show, which was:

60 Seconds to Nothing
Mr. Moto
The Mysterious Smell of Provolone
Seanie B-Goode
Man of Mystery
Santa Barbara

3D photo by Skizz
3D photo by Skizz

Loops with Chloë

I got to hang out with my daughter Chloë in the Theoretical Audio Laboratory, and we made some loops. We really don’t do this often enough. Hope to change that! Love you, Chloë!


Coastguard at Slash Run

I co-started/joined an instrumental band (mostly surf) with my buddy Jerome McManus and our first gig was at Slash Run in DC (2/26/2022).

It was a good set, very fun, nice energy. It was nice to play out.


S.Ex no. 14

A quick one to show off the Excess V2 by Old Blood Noise Endeavors – I really like this pedal.