Vampires VS. Zombies

I was a zombie in this game and we were completely destroyed. I think the best thing that happened was when I looked at Just Tim in exasperation and he said “It doesn’t matter that we are losing. It just matters that we lose well. Keep a cool head.” Right on.





My lastest bout poster. Spread the word, Maryland people!


The poster doing its job in Westminster.

I Couldn’t Resist

in IMAX.


Chesapeake Roller Derby had our first full game at Sportsman’s Hall on Sunday. It’s such a pleasure to play on a wood floor. I was a prep, and Greaser Punks beat us by 2 points: 55/53. Our friends from NOVA roller derby and the Freedom Belles filled out the benches. It was a great, clean, close game. Next game is October 21st.


Charlie Don’t Skate and Bloody.

And as a most wonderful bonus, Jabber and Lord Brawltimore gave me a pair of vintage Riedell skates. That fit! They are so handsome. And I’m also wearing some Reeboks from FitBloggin, which are lighter than a pencil.

Fitbloggin Ignite: Derby Little Secrets

I gave an Ignite talk Friday night at Fitbloggin called Derby Little Secrets [slides]. I was surprised at how emotional it was. I think some new derby boys and girls were born that night – I hope so, anyway.

I talked about my girls discovered roller derby. We reached out to several local leagues seeking junior league information. My big girl got sick and Chesapeake Roller Derby visited us. Leezle and I attended a few games and I wondered, secretly, if I could learn to play roller derby. I bought some gear, figured out who my alter ego is and jumped in. I learned the rules, some basic workouts and key derby skills. It’s the most fun I’ve had in years – even for a guy with a trick knee. I’ve learned that moms, dads, PhDs, teachers, retail clerks, dental hygienists, florists, gay people, straight people, transgender people, black people, white people, atheists,  believers – everyone can do this. It’s open to all who want to be involved.