Family Comic Night

The last thing I responded to at ArtScape was the call for the “Comic Strip” exhibit. They are going to cover each window pane at Penn station with a single panel from a comic.  I was really looking forward to this – and, as such, ended up procrastinating something awful. My strips suffered a bit for it, too.

The very best-est coolest part is that the girls drew and submitted comics, too.

CoCoa adopted a theme I use called “The Incredibly Delicate Threads of Sleep.” And Leezle’s is about a magical panda that grows wings. Somehow, her comics usually involve a lot of pooping, regardless of the plot development.

Not sure what was accepted. Both the girls worked hard on this, especially Cocoa.

Here’s Coco’s:

And here is Leezle’s:

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Love the poop. Not only does it lend the story verisimilitude, (after all, whoever heard of a panda who doesn’t poop?) but it also neatly signals the passage of time, and gives a sense of urgency and excitement to Panda’s final escape. More stories should have poop in them.

@Helen: I couldn’t agree more! And my hat’s off to you for the word “versimilitude” in action. Wow.

My affinity for animal poop (seriously) & Jim’s art aside, I prefer Coco’s theme & execution this time. Beach head. It’s gotta be a winner :-)

Ah, man–these are great! And for your art (or any adult’s) to hold its own next to that of brilliant kids is a real achievement. I’ve always suspected that if I just pooped enough I would be able to fly.

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