Family Comic Night

The last thing I responded to at ArtScape was the call for the “Comic Strip” exhibit. They are going to cover each window pane at Penn station with a single panel from a comic.  I was really looking forward to this – and, as such, ended up procrastinating something awful. My strips suffered a bit for it, too.

The very best-est coolest part is that the girls drew and submitted comics, too.

CoCoa adopted a theme I use called “The Incredibly Delicate Threads of Sleep.” And Leezle’s is about a magical panda that grows wings. Somehow, her comics usually involve a lot of pooping, regardless of the plot development.

Not sure what was accepted. Both the girls worked hard on this, especially Cocoa.

Here’s Coco’s:

And here is Leezle’s:




8 responses to “Family Comic Night”

  1. neil Avatar

    An excellent array of submissions! And a good reminder not to pull this plug out of my ear until I’m outside.

  2. Helen Whittaker Avatar

    Love the poop. Not only does it lend the story verisimilitude, (after all, whoever heard of a panda who doesn’t poop?) but it also neatly signals the passage of time, and gives a sense of urgency and excitement to Panda’s final escape. More stories should have poop in them.

  3. pegga Avatar

    Wow! I’d be proud to paste any of these comics to my panes. Best luck!

  4. henniemavis Avatar

    @Helen: I couldn’t agree more! And my hat’s off to you for the word “versimilitude” in action. Wow.

    My affinity for animal poop (seriously) & Jim’s art aside, I prefer Coco’s theme & execution this time. Beach head. It’s gotta be a winner :-)

  5. Chas. Avatar

    Ah, man–these are great! And for your art (or any adult’s) to hold its own next to that of brilliant kids is a real achievement. I’ve always suspected that if I just pooped enough I would be able to fly.

  6. scott Avatar

    Those were great. Jenny and I just laughed hysterically. Doran’s rule

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