The Secret Guild of Water Tower Engineers

To celebrate the relaunch of this web site (and my new layout), I’m posting pages from a comic I’m working on. I’m drawing it on pages from a water treatment handbook – which I think is very appropriate. As is the water color.

Job Interview Day

Closed Factory


All thumbs



The Baltimore unemployment office

The address for my appointment

Big Blue

Also – I’m submitting these pages for this week’s Illustration Friday prompt, “adapt.” Our man in the story is doing just that, as a lot of people are during this great recession we are having.




11 responses to “The Secret Guild of Water Tower Engineers”

  1. lisa mertins Avatar

    hi jim. i’ve enjoyed looking at your work and look forward to this jarhands guy’s progress at the water tower.

  2. pegga Avatar

    Absolutely brilliant! I love that you used the book as background, and the spin on that knuckleball, and the blue of the watertower. I look forward to following the story of this man.

  3. Jim Doran Avatar

    @Lisa – thanks a lot!
    @Peg – Golly! :) :) :)

  4. raluca Avatar

    that´s a really great idea:I think the pages give a very nice background for you watercolor…and,he,he,is all about water,as you so well said:))!
    looking forward for more!!

  5. neil Avatar

    Does Big Blue have a basement? I can’t wait to find out… (I dig the new site layout, it looks great!!)

  6. rj Avatar

    interesting story… can’t wait for the next one!
    nice colors, nice sketches…

    cool layout!


  7. Chas. Avatar

    Fantastic, Jimmy. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the multiple tube fermentation techniques.

  8. tam Avatar

    LOVE big blue!

  9. Jennifer Avatar

    Very cool. All the parts work together very well. Very cool indeed.

  10. Christine Avatar

    I really like this!

  11. ann marie Avatar

    I love your unique medium and style! Great work!!!

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