• cut paper diorama showing three red herrings sitting together at a bar
  • 6 Cartoon dogs shown in a grid of boxes in an altoids tin
  • Crimescene in a gymnasium - diorama in an altoids tin
  • a cut paper diorama of red high heels
  • Shoe store in a diorama
  • The 4 horsemen in an altoids tin
  • A man's rump in an altoids tin
  • Bedroom at 3am, a cow can be seen jumping over the moon.
  • A cartoon drawing of a woman on a belt vibrator.
  • Cut paper skeleton in altoids tin with the heading "let's make year three of the pandemic the best one yet!"
  • Scientists with bug heads in a lab
  • Shadow box showing 20 cartoon faces in a grid
  • Franz Kafka greeting a giant bug
  • Uses of Pollen Diorama
  • 9x9" shadow box showing a mountain in a desert
  • Digestion
  • The Resurrection Research Society
  • I have Loved to the point of Madness
  • Trick or Treat
  • I want to make a nest in your hair, said the bird to the blonde
  • Pocket Watch with Skeleton greeting a dog
  • Cut paper diorama in Atloids tin showing anthropomorphic penises on a beach
  • Under Sea Crime Scene
  • Cut paper diorama of Humpty Dumpty in an altoids tin.
  • Graveyard Diorama in altoids tin
  • Anatomy of a Crime Scene #8 - outer space
  • A Trip to the Moon
  • Scratch and Sniff
  • The Tailor Shop
  • Tree Spoon
  • Always in a soap tin
  • Pestilence Rides Out
  • A drawing of Frank Zappa in an aloids tin wearing a tshirt that reads EASY MEAT

I began making dioramas in 2010. I love cutting paper, shadow boxes, and exploring depth of field in image making. My dioramas are little theatrical scenes. Sometimes a single diorama will tell the whole story, and sometimes a single scene is part of a longer narrative.

There’s something very satisfying about taking an idea from inside my head, and giving it physical form inside another object.

This is a very small sampling of the hundreds of dioramas I’ve made. Most of them are documented throughout my blog.

Some are for sale in my shop.