Joie de Vivre


I’ve been sober for 1000 days in a row.

That’s two years, eight months and 24 days. I still count the days.

I was sober for over 20 years during my last sober streak. I didn’t count the days. I didn’t really think about sobriety. I wasn’t in recovery. I was just someone who didn’t drink. At parties, conferences, weddings and reunions, I had seltzer water with a slice of lime, and no considerations for alcohol.

As mentioned elsewhere, I naively started social drinking in 2013. It was useful at the time, and I don’t regret it. A few years past, and it was no longer serving me. Alcohol wasn’t my friend, and I decided to get sober again. I’ve done a lot work to be sober. I still may write about that in the future. But today, I’ll say that I enjoy these milestone dates very much. I gratefully count the days, and I do not take my sobriety for granted.

Here are some photos from day 1000.