Joie de Vivre

Wrapping Up 2010

2010 was a colossal year.  In keeping with tradition of past years, I’m posting a quick recap and a look ahead. As I sat down to organize my thoughts, I once again marveled at the usefulness of keeping a Web log.

I spoke at WordCamp Boston, the amazing FitBloggin’ conference, WordCamp Philadelphia and was invited to speak at WordCamp Chicago & NYC. I became the co-organizer of the Baltimore WordPress User’s Group. It’s open to anyone, so if you have ANY interest in WordPress, you are welcome to join us. I began doing some technical editing for O’Reilly media. The next book I’m working on is jQuery, and I’m hoping to make the leap to author this year.

The 12′ circus peanut, which was on display in Baltimore City for 149 days as part of the ArtScape outdoor sculpture exhibition, was a success. This was an amazing process for all of us. The Circus Fantistique banner made rounds at ArtScape and the Baltimore Book Fair. The girls  had comics on display and we  learned about screen printing and publishing zines. Early in 2010, I learned how to paint (poorly) with oil paint.

I earned my black belt this year.  While the training and test taught me a great deal,  one of the most difficult parts of this was actually showing up. Being an instructor and attending the black belt work-outs was great. Earlier this year, I took a hiatus from the school to pursue freelance work and teaching, but I continue to practice. I have new fitness goals for 2011, some of which include more Tai Chi. My knee is holding up pretty well and I’ve even been able to run a bit.

What’s Next

I am grateful for my family’s general good health, and have high hopes for the new year. I am proud of my kids’ accomplishments and how great they are as people, students, musicians and artists.  I am grateful for the time I got to spend with my friends Neil, Chas, Scott, Roni, Zac, Allison, Jenn, and hope to do more of that this year. I’m adding Jim Groom to that list, too (road trip).  I’m grateful for the awesome clients I served this year – I am very fortunate. Thank you.

I’m giving a talk to some students in a week, and I’m speaking at FitBloggin’ 11.  I’m super excited about HTML5, and excited about stuff that brewing for 2011. This is an exciting time to be doing work on the Web.

My personal art production has been somewhat dormant these past few months because of a ridiculous schedule involving lots of travel and teaching 4 classes. I recently began doing video production for the day job, though,  and I really like it. I’ve been using Premiere, After Effects and a variety of cameras and mics.

Paper Cut Outs have become my favorite medium lately, and this is what I intend to focus on in 2011.

I set up a new site, called the Crunchy Ball Press, as a place to showcase paper based art, animation involving paper and especially zine making. I had intended to launch CBP during a talk at WordCamp NYC called “WordPress for Creative Geniuses,” but it didn’t happen. This site is a priority for 2011. And I’d still like to give that talk somewhere.

I’m interested in collaborators for CBP – I really don’t want this to be just my stuff. I want to work on things with other people; zines, animation and comics and I want to help others publish their work. If you are interested in contributing to the Crunchy Ball Press, drop me a line -> If you are reading this and thinking “I can’t do that because…” then you should write me, because you totally can.

Let’s tell some stories.

And so, happy new year, everyone.