Joie de Vivre

A fine start to June

Oriole Bird painted on the wall at Zen West

I had a lovely weekend with my beautiful wife. On Friday, we had dinner at Zen West, and discovered their quiet, jazzy 25+ back room, which was wonderful. I had no idea it was there.

A oriole bird painted on Zen West's exterior wall
A Raven bird painted on Zen West's exterior wall

We took a long walk to the farmer’s market on Saturday, and had breakfast at Pete’s.

Last week was tough at work, even with the 4 day week. I think the memorial day tree slaying set the tone, so it’s been nice to hang out at home. I picked up my work from the Art of Accumulation show, and I have some new projects in the works. I’m excited and grateful to be inspired and have work to do (both the tough day job kind, and the joyful life’s work kind).

We had dinner at Cypriana, and discovered their hidden “back room” rooftop dining area.

Trader Joe’s has canned calamari, which is nice when sautéed with garlic and pepper flakes.

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