Joie de Vivre

A Mammoth weekend of live music

On Saturday night, we ventured down the Keystone Korner for dinner and the John Scofield trio. It was a great set – I’m glad I finally got to see Sco live. The food was good, too.

I’ve heard mixed things about the sound at Keystone, and I think I know why – there is preferred seating, which he had, where you can mostly see the stage.

In other parts of the U shaped club, the stage is out of sight, and you have to watch on monitors. The stage is at the upper right part of the “U,” and the entrance is on the other side. The bar, tables and some booths line the bottom of the “U.” I don’t think the sound is great over there in other parts of the club.

On Sunday, I met an old college buddy at the Ram’s Head to see Nita Strauss and Mammoth WVH. Both bands were great, and I’m blown away by how well Wolfgang Van Halen sings. Better than Sammy Hagar, in my opinion.

nita strauss
nita strauss
Wolfgang Van Halen
Poop and Castro

What a weekend! I covered quite a range of musical genres.