Joie de Vivre

Cooking Artichokes

The girls have been wanting to try artichokes for some time – so, we called Grandma Cherie to see how she used to make them. I loved them as a kid, too.

Stab the heart - ship needs a captain

She said to cut the burrs off the leaves and chop the bottom step off so they can sit flat in the pan.
In the pot

Next, add water about halfway to the sides of the artichokes and add garlic to the water. Boil/simmer for 45-50 minutes, covered. I let them go a little too long, but they were delicious.

digging in

I made my first batch of pesto for the season with this meal. Luckily, we have two young guests for the weekend to help.

stab the heart (again)

Looking for the heart….stab the heart, don’t stab the heart.

Thanks, Mom. It was really good! All four girlsĀ and IĀ loved it.