Joie de Vivre

Battles at Ram’s Head

My daughter got me a ticket to see Battles at Ram’s Head. They were opening for Mr. Bungle. I really like Ian Williams, and I’m so happy I got to see him/them live. I can’t help wonder how long they will keep doing this. It was a relatively short set, and was long enough, at that. Two men fill up a lot space together, and John Stanier has two modes: off/110%.

Battles on stage

We had to leave before Mr. Bungle went on (it’s a school night). I’m not sad about it, either.

Battles on stage

I missed El Ten Eleven when they came to DC. I’m curious as to how these bands manage complicated loop cycles. I was impressed, and also a little happy to see that even the mighty battles can flub a loop (Mirrors).

I would have liked to see them as a trio, and very much want to have more Ian on guitar time, rather than just Ian doing everything at once time.