Joie de Vivre


I started this blog 10 years ago today.  What’s more, this my month of Jubilation.   I just celebrated my 50th birthday.

I like to tell the story of how my friend Roni Noone advised me investigate using WordPress to enhance this site, which began in 2001. I set up a blog and began sharing art, and some other things that bring Joy. I called the site Joie de Vivre.

It was like adding water to a big box of instant powdered AWESOME LIFE mix. It amplified the great parts of life, and helped me cope with some very challenging, darker things.  I am brimming with gratitude.

Best Birthday Cake EVER

It seems appropriate to mark the occasion by sharing this photo of the best birthday cake that was ever made, or ever will be made, ever. It was perfect and delicious.