Joie de Vivre


We saw Fishbone last night. It was so good! So happy to have been able to see them again with Chloƫ and take Beverly for the first time.

The Slackers on stage at the Baltimore Sound Stage.

The Slackers opened – we had not seen them before. They have a song in the yet to be released Renfield film. The Slackers were outstanding. A lot of fun, and their sound was clear, tight, and joyful.

Norwood Fisher's pedalboards

Norwood was exceptionally loud, clocking in with 4 separate cabinets and two hefty pedal boards. From where we were sitting, it was pretty bass heavy. He doesn’t seem to wear earplugs, so maybe he needs that much muscle (the amps, I mean). Conversely, Norwood is awesome, and I got to watch/hear/feel him to things I’ve never seen another bass player do – namely a three fingered triplet splap/pluck technique.

Fishbone on stage in Baltimore
Beverly and Me
Cars doing burnout dounuts in the inner harbor

As a bonus to a fun night, several morons in fast, loud cars peeled burnouts in the harbor. It looked like their pals blocked up the intersection so they could do this. I heard the cops don’t chase them because it’s too dangerous, but they also caught one of the cars last night, too. So much excite! So much danger!