Joie de Vivre

Happy to be Here

I am starting an MFA of studio art at Towson University this week. I am very excited for this opportunity, and especially grateful for the tuition remission offered by my employer.

I’ve always been interested in making Art. I remember drawing Batman and Snoopy with my father at the kitchen table (he drew Snoopy). I was SO EXCITED by the ability to draw a Batman. It was as empowering as learning how to read.

Exactly 8 years ago today, I decided to learn about WordPress by creating and blogging about Art. When I did my first post, I had no idea that it would lead anywhere. It was just fun. And it still IS fun.

I recently doozied up this site to support the work I’ll be doing in the coming weeks/months/years. I used Underscores to make a new WordPress theme, and to develop some new WP knowledge.

I am heading into this experience with an open mind, my sense of humor, seeking as much Joy as possible. I intend to work hard, learn a lot and discover new realms of interestingness. I will make a lot of new Art.