Joie de Vivre


Today, we headed out to Harford Community College to attend a hedgehog show. Breeders were on hand, as well as owners from as far away as Boston.

On the way, I stopped to photograph this water tower, which I spotted over a year ago when heading to a funeral and then couldn’t find again. I pulled over and took some pictures. There are signs all around this thing that state “ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! – REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY.”  I suppose taking pictures of it counts as suspicious activity, and I know a guy in a truck was watching me. Observing water towers is risky. I escaped without incident.

The show itself was held in a very safe place:

Hedgehogs are great pets. They are nocturnal, so if you work, they sleep during the day and get up at night. They are curious and good with kids. They have a lot of personality, and are delightful oddballs.

I’ve never seen so many hedgehogs in one place.

And, most importantly, here’s our very own Esme, waving goodbye to this post.