Joie de Vivre

Hiking/Bowling/Fish Sandwiches

Today, we went for a hike at Rock State Park. It was warm, and the trees are just starting to show their buds and some green.

JD and BD by the rocks

I was climbing around the rocks – there were probably 20 other people up on the overlook. I walked around the far side of one cluster of rocks, thinking it would be a nice secluded corner to sit and take some photos. As I turned around, I realized my mistake. I had walked about 10′ along a ledge that was maybe 2′ wide, and there was nothing below the edge. I was looking down on tree tops, and I could not see the bottom. Beverly had just come around that corner to join me and I said “I made a mistake – please go back.” I’ve had nightmares like this, where I find myself on some precarious ledge at some impossible height. Anyway, I made it off that ledge on wobbly legs. Phew!

We then went bowling – the first time together.

We each won a game, and the nice lady next to us gave me some advice. I’ve only every played duckpins, so this was unfamiliar.

There is a restaurant attached to the bowling alley with pretty terrible fish sandwiches (even for this raccoon).

It was a lovely, eventful day.