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Hopkins Shooting

I almost never mention my day job here, but today, I’ll make an exception as TODAY IS CRAZY.

I work for Johns Hopkins University, at the School of Medicine and my office is in the hospital. This morning, someone on Twitter reported that there was a shooter on campus.  Later, I received an e-mail notification advising staff to keep their offices locked and stay away from windows (I was using a MacBook Pro, so I was okay).   I was immediately reminded of the Discovery Building situation.

At one point a police officer with a shield and helmet came through and checked our door. Some time later, we were notified that it was okay to leave the office area, with our ID badges prominently displayed. I made the mistake of going outside, which required quite a detour to get back to my office (indicated below).

I am still astonished at the sheer number of swat and police officers deployed for this. I’m incredulous that this happened in the first place. Horrific.  Thanks to all my twitter peeps who expressed concern. Here are what picks I was able to take:

My office is behind the police truck.

Here’s how I get to my office.