Joie de Vivre


For her birthday, Beverly and I took her mother to Graceland, home of her #1 favorite celebrity, Elvis Presley.

The next few posts will be about more specific parts of the trip, and this post is just an overview.

We left the house at 4:45 AM for BWI, on about 4 hours of sleep, having gotten in late from the Pixies show. We arrived in Memphis, which was already sweltering, and rented a car. We then headed to Beale Street to kill some time.

Here’s a funny thing: on father’s day, we were walking back from brunch when I found this boot. And not 20′ away, I found the boot return. Get it??? Hilarious.

While we didn’t plan this, the order in which we visited places on this trip really enhanced our experience. We started a Beale Street, and since we don’t drink/party, we avoided what a local called “the shit show” of the evening tourist crowd. We wandered into the Peabody hotel, and visited Lansky Bros., where Elvis had many clothes made. We discovered one of the most charming bookstores I’ve ever encountered. We then went to Sun Records, and to the Civil Rights Museum. We watched the latest Elvis film, and then we went to Graceland.

We learned a great deal about Memphis, the struggles of the civil rights movement, and of course, Elvis.

Okay, onward, dear reader.