Joie de Vivre

Of Industry and Icebergs

I would not survive being stranded on an iceberg – the boredom would do me in long before the cold. One of my heroes, Ben Franklin, felt the same way. He said “Industry need not wish.” And that’s exactly why he didn’t die stranded on an iceberg.  He was too busy.  He was too busy for wishing.

I heard echos of this sentiment in Mr. Obama’s speech last week. Did you? Well, I did. Plus, he was decked out in his JCREW anti-iceberg gear.  It was iceberg cold, that’s for sure.

I spent New Years in Florida, at Disney, with my kids. It was a great trip filled with things like riding the Pirates ride, eating fish and chips and 100 foot mermaids. There were even tins of the world’s best tea.

Upon returning, I paused in my industrious activities to conduct a New Year’s ritual of reflection and planning. Now, this isn’t resolution making. I think one should make resolutions all year, when they are needed. It’s more of a taking stock and refocusing. It helps. Being thankful for the past year and hopeful for the next.

Here’s a partial list of personal goals, in no particular order:

  • Complete several Kung Fu milestones
  • Learn about painting
  • MORE grad school
  • Music
  • Daily Drawing
  • other stuff

And I am thankful for far too many things to enumerate them here in this post about icebergs.

However, in the name of industry, I launched not one, but TWO web sites this weekend (Women Making America and a decorative contracting company), and at long last, the portal I redesigned at work going live this week. I plan to write about that experience soon. Wish me luck, please.

Finally, there’s a new member in the Doran family: Esme the Hedgehog.

Esme does not like icebergs, but she DOES like the names Sonic and Mayonnaise, and will answer to either.

Until post #100, avoid the icebergs and stay industrious.