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Portugal: Wrap Up

I know, I know. This isn’t a travel blog, and I’m not a travel blog writer. That said, I took over 2000 photos on this trip, and made countless audio recordings and videos, some of which will be used in upcoming art works.

Here are some final thoughts and photos.

We visited The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, and the Fado museum. Both are wonderful.

Fado Museum

In addition to Livraria Lello, we visited this amazing bookstore/Jazz record store at the FX factory ( I think it’s called “Wish”). And then in Carvoeiro, we found this nutty, cluttered masterpiece and bought stuff to read on the beach. There is a Walk Good coming for this place, too.

Factory Wish Bookstore

We played in a castle and met some peacocks.


Porto met my uninformed expectations of what I thought a European city would feel like. Lots of old, old buildings, with hilly-windy streets, and completely riddled by a warren of mysterious coiling alleyways that led to small shops and restaurants.

We stayed on the Cais de Gaia side, and while the view was stunning, it was loud all night, every night.

Us in Porto
Porto from above

I could not help but notice that tobacco products all have horrific images prominently displayed on the packaging. Can you imagine the tobacco lobby putting up with the here in the United States? I wonder if it is an effective deterrent? We didn’t find a single cigar shop in Portugal, and completely unrelated, didn’t see many homeless folks.

tobacco warnings

I made a conscious decision to NOT bring home every interesting sardine tin I encountered. Instead, I took many photos.

I haven’t seen a working phone booth in a long time.

phone booth

Carvoeiro was the perfect place to unwind after both a really long, stressy semester and then whirlwind tour on our feet. I loved it.

These recent posts encompass a tiny part of what we experienced in Portugal – it really was a trip of a lifetime. Portugal will be making an appearance in future sound experiments and video work. Stay tuned!