Sometimes, we get lemons…


Sometimes, we get lemons when we are expecting bacon.  Sometimes, life spits in the soup.  Sometimes, our date stands us up.  Sometimes, meetings go on too long.

So I created “ for those sucky days when you could use a pat on the back.

Tell your friends. Spread some good vibes. You rock.

Update: Now defunct JD 1-17-2018.




6 responses to “Sometimes, we get lemons…”

  1. neil Avatar

    Great Job!

  2. peggy Avatar

    Thank you for that pick-me-up!!! You’re the balls!

  3. Charlie Avatar

    Sinatra wishes. Thanks, I needed this… high five indeed.

  4. Jim Doran Avatar

    Thanks guys. Pass it on. Make the world a happier place.

  5. Jaye Avatar

    I must be having a really crappy day, I just sat here and hit refresh for about 5 minutes. And yes, I do deserve a raise.

  6. Jim Avatar

    @Jaye – Words cannot describe the awesome that is you.

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