Joie de Vivre

Summer of Love

I love hippies, almost as much as I love punks. The biggest dirty hippie in EdTech, Mr. Jim Groom, has declared that this is the Summer of Love. It totally IS the summer of love – cool 60’s fashions are back, I’m now an acting vegetarian (again) and it’s starting to get stinky hot out.

Photo Credit: Jill Clardy

I love the idea of the Summer of Love, especially as it relates to blogging and focusing on our own  good intentions and positiveness. I think we can all stand to spread a little more love as an antidote to some of the crap that’s in the can right now – BP is successfully ruining the oceans, Apple is becoming Microsoft and, well, the New York Yankees.  Anyway, I challenge you to pick someone/something groovy and share it this summer. Dig?

First on my list, a warm hug to Alou and RJ, who just had their first beautiful son, RJ III.

The RJs.

What a perfect way to kick of the Summer of Love. Can’t wait to meet him!

So  – get cracking on spreading your own lovin’ around. Before you know it, it’ll be the Fall of Punk. Or, something.