Joie de Vivre

The Brotherhood of the Circus Peanut’s Newest Member

The Institute for Circus Peanut Research and Development™ receives A LOT of requests. The ICPRD is asked to consider things like speaking engagements, race car endorsements, reverse engineering a competitor’s circus peanut formulary, etc. Unfortunately, we can’t possibly respond to all requests.

One request caught our staff’s attention, however. A young man named “Jake” (probably not his real name) is doing exceptional work in the state of Oklahoma for the education of his community on the subject of circus peanuts. According to someone who knows Jake well, he is a tireless, relentless advocate.

It is with great excitement that the ICPRD is pleased to induct Mr. Jake into the Brotherhood of the Circus Peanut. To Jake, we say, keep up the great work. Never forget. Always remember. Eat a lot of Circus Peanuts. Share them with your friends. Share them with your enemies. Eat them stale. Eat them only semi-stale. Put them on cereal. Etc.

We salute you.


If you know someone toiling away in obscurity, doing outstanding work on behalf of Circus Peanuts everywhere, please contact the ICPRD at:

P.O. Box 1870
Owings Mills, MD 21117