Joie de Vivre

The Civil Rights Museum

I think everyone needs to go through this place. It’s built into/around the motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed. It’s moving, tragic, uplifting, heart wrenching and I learned a great deal. It’s also heavy, and we were very spent by the time we left, which I think is the point. I am very glad I got to visit. I took many notes, and have a lot of further reading to do. It runs the visitor from the early beginnings of slavery in this country, and documents decade after decade of injustice. It’s a lot to take in, and so well done.

I knew systemic racism is real. It’s pretty obvious, when you watch any moderate to left news channels, and pay attention just about anywhere in public. I’ve considered my own bias, privilege and advantage in this area. Yet, I left the museum stunned at the staggering breadth and consistency of systemic racism.

I didn’t take a lot of photos, as I was reading and watching the videos. It’s very much worth the trip to Memphis.