Joie de Vivre


Chas and I caught a Fishbone/English Beat show in DC.  Fishbone remains a hurricane of loud, sweaty, mosh-pit dance fun, while English Beat satisfied the easy listening, feel-good swaying needs of gray haired dudes in blazers and their wine sipping dates. Dave Wakeling was in fine voice, and his backing band of slick, highly polished fellows were precise, if not too young to remember when the English Beat records actually came out.

Upon taking the stage, Fishbone’s Angelo Moore walked out into the middle of the audience on the floor and MADE everyone dance like ska-monkeys (which we did) before Fishbone would start their engine. Then it was on to Ma & Pa, Lying Ass Bitch (pointed directly at “anti-Obama, Tea Party mother-f*ck*rs who should just let the man do his job”), Bonin’ in the Boneyard, Cholly, Party at Ground Zero among others.  At one point, HR from Bad Brains joined the band on stage  – words cannot describe the awesome. I’m so happy I got to experience that.

Post sweaty fun.

@ 9:30

Angelo Moore after coming off stage.

Angelo has long been one of my heroes – he’s unstoppable. Chas is, too, really. It was a great night.  Completely Awesome.

Set list as I remember it:

  1. Skankin’ To The Beat
  2. Ma & Pa
  3. Cholly
  4. ?
  5. Suffering
  6. Alcoholic
  7. Give It Up
  8. Bonin’ in the Boneyard
  9. Behind Closed Doors
  10. Let Dem Ho’s Fight
  11. Lyin’ Ass Bitch
  12. Banned In DC (Bad Brains cover with HR)
  13. Party At Ground Zero