Joie de Vivre

Water Tower Watch

I love water towers.

As a young lad, I used to ride my bike across town and gaze up in awe at the base of this one:

Big Blue (courtesy of Neil Herzinger)
[Photo by Neil Herzinger]

I’m embarrassed to say that I wrote a poem about it in high school. And I’ve written other things about water towers. I’ve described how the internal mechanisms work, and taken hundreds of photos of the water towers on the east coast.

I’ve seen water towers get make overs:

Make over

I’m fortunate in that I can see a giant War of the Worlds from my front door – it’s about 4 miles away. And, curiously, there are a pair of water towers standing to the south of my house, shown here:

War of the Worlds and Muncipal

Here they are last spring:

In the Spring

And here they are today:

So it’s with horrified fascination that I report the bigger of the two is being dismantled. I hope it’s merely a repair.






More Plates


I intend to docment these proceedings in my flickr water tower set. More soon.