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Watertower Watch, Conclusion

Today, while running  errands, I noticed the water tower guys are at it again. I decided to go talk with them.


  1. The top of the tower is being replaced, due to some kind of damage
  2. This tower is 120 feet tall, and considered a medium size tower. I was told that there’s one in Chesapeake City that’s 160 feet high
  3. This tower holds 1.5 million gallons of water
  4. One  gallon of water weighs about 8.35 pounds (Roughly,  over 12.5 million lbs/5500+ tons)
  5. There is no internal pipe, but the water flows through the main stem (shown below)
  6. There’s a basement

Long View

Working on the tower

Looking Up


(This is looking up on the inside. Finally – I’ve seen inside the main column)



One of two new cravistans for the tower. There’s a rock in the picture to show scale. It’s bigger than the engine in my car.

This concludes this series in my water tower renovation coverage (see part one and part two).