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I’m trying something new in 2022 continuing an experiment into 2023.

I’ve created a Patreon page. I’ve enjoyed some other creator Patreons during the pandemic, and I like the platform. It’s easy to use, you can adjust your subscriptions at any time, and it makes for a nice community.

I’ve got some ambitious plans for 2023, and I thought it would be fun to share behind-the-scenes stuff as I go. I’ve set up three tiers, which you can learn about on the Patreon site.


Reunion Patches in stock

I made reunion patches for my Patreon subscribers. If you want one, you can join me on Patreon, or, visit my shop! These are approximately 4″ x 2.5″ and cost $5.

This image is from the pocket watch diorama from AVAM’s Great Mystery Show.

Thanks for looking!

Reunion diorama in a pocketwatch.

RPM 2023

I’m stating my intention to complete an Ep (5 songs) during the month of February. I encourage any of my musician pals to join, too!

I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff from doing this, as I’ve probably mentioned a hundred dozen or so times previously.

I’m teaching a couple of classes this spring, which is going to keep me very busy.

I haven’t mentioned my other current new intention for the year, which is to animate every day. That tracks well for me, because I’m teaching animation. A few years ago, I decided to write some music every day, and it was one of the best things I could have ever done for my musical soul. For one thing, it turned into a good habit. I’m predicting the animation-a-day will do the same.

Anyway, as I’ll be pretty busy this spring, I think this will be a nice little creative supplement. A little Vitamin C, if you will?


Found and Chosen

I had an artist reception at the Hamilton Gallery today for my solo show Found and Chosen. I received a creativity grant from the Maryland State Arts Council to produce a recording which coincides with this exhibit.

This show features animation, a record release, a webpage, a Plasticland installation, and about 16 framed works.

As a coping mechanism for the collective anxiety we felt during the pandemic, I took long walks through my neighborhood in Baltimore City, and later, other cities. It was a form of meditation. This developed into a practice of mindfulness. I was able to quiet my thoughts and generally slow down. I noticed and found delight in objects and sounds that I previously might have overlooked. Found and Chosen is a collection of materials gathered during this time.

The Atlas of Found Objects

Some of the interesting objects that I found, I bought home. Most were just photographed with my phone. I made this 6′ x 3′ banner showing some of my favorites.

Each image has the location where I found them under the photo.

The Minotaur and the Four Horsemen

The Minotaur is an icon adopted by the Surrealists, and monsters figured prominently in their works between the world wars as they stood against fascists and Hitler. I found it interested that one of the January 6th attackers resembled a very skinny minotaur.

22.5” x 16” Wood, glass, acrylic paint, wax pencil. 2022

This painting is the product of my new animation, which has a working title of The Art of War.

The images below are also from this animation, only I worked with discarded prints from the government repository.

I’m not sure when the full animation will be complete, but all these pieces seemed to fit squarely within the context of this exhibit, and I wanted to get part of this out into the world.

Yellow Cravistans Nos. 1-3

One day, while walking Goose, we found one of these yellow cravistans in the grass. The following day, we found another. Same with the day after that. I brought them home and mounted them like the trophies they are.

Other Found Objects

I’ve included some letters, which you can read about elsewhere, and other treasures, some of which are used in The Lunatics animation.


CDs and Tapes

While supplies last, people can visit the gallery and take a CD/Cassette. I’ve talked about this elsewhere, and in great detail on the Found and Chosen page I’ve linked from the liner notes.


New Year, New Guys

Happy New Year! To bring in the new year, we took a nice 6 mile hike. I then got the rest of the materials together for the year’s first exhibit. Opening next week at the Hamilton Gallery, Plasticland will be on display in Found and Chosen. These fellas are part of the show.

Plus we had black-eyed peas for good luck!


Velvet Elvis

I made this for Beverly’s mother – she adores Elvis!

The bottom half is floating over velvet, which is a first for me. The dog is a the late Sadie.