Leap (gear)

Clockwork Oranges

Having an extra day each fourth leap year would indicate that there are 6 extra hours in each year. I took my pocket watch apart, and as I suspected, it has leap gears to store the extra time.

Happy Illustration Friday.

gears sketch


matryoshka skull heads

Two heads are better than one.

How about multiple heads, then? Multiple matryoshka heads. Happy Illustration Friday.



Illustration Friday: Dr. Ding has long held the theory that, as part of the cycle of life, we carry the actual grim reaper within us. And, as such, it witnesses our actions, thoughts and ways of being first hand (as a kind of karmic score keeper).

One of his best tricks is showing his theory to his students.


my long lost journal

Around the time I wrote the Sketchy post, something told me to go back to a certain physicians’ meeting room and look for my missing book.

Is it not written, “Listen to your gut?”

I did go back and look, yet again, and still couldn’t find it. This time, I mentioned it to some staff who work in that area. It was indeed still there, under paperwork and miscellaneous debris – the good Dr. Herman found it a yesterday.

I am so attached to this book that I am tempted to pick up where I’ve left off. Alas, the Moleskine has won me over, and I’ll be transcribing the contents of THIS one to the new one, and then delegating this one to home use. Still, there is something immensely satisfying about finding a lost, well loved object.

Watercolor Quickie

Watercolor sketch longview

I try to do something “creative” everyday – something above and beyond the normal “creative” activities that I would do anyway. Often, this happens on my train ride – it can be a piece of writing, or computer code or a drawing. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s fun and has that new idea smell.

I didn’t ride the train today, so after work, I snuck out to the stevedore docks and did this as quickly as I could. It’s obvious that I  don’t have a grip on watercolor, but thought I’d give it a whack.

Watercolor sketch

I presume this fellow hunts stray pirates. AND…that tunnel leads to a water tower.