Joie de Vivre

Celtic Solstice Five-Miler

Last “race” of the year is in the books. It was a cold, hilly, druid hill kind of day!

iPhone map of the Druid Hill Park race route.
Beverly and Jim

Music to Hear Blindfolded, Vol.1

I’ve got some cassettes available from Scientifically Sound Records! This release is called “Music to Hear Blindfolded, vol. 1,” and it evolved from my “write music everyday” challenge for 2021.

Cover of "Music to hear blindfolded, vol 1," which shows a woman's legs propped up on a hotel wall.

This music and sound on this cassette is intended to inspire and/or accompany film and animation. Some of the audio was used in my videos.

Approximately 40 minutes in length, the tape is a mix of musique concrète, found audio, loops, and stuff I recorded at the Theoretical Audio Laboratory.

This will not be available on Bandcamp, and this will be a very limited release. All tapes are signed by me.

Volume 2 is in the works.

Cassette tapes on a table - Music to hear blindfolded vol. 1

Year Three

Let’s make year three of the pandemic the best one yet!


A Revelation



Karen and Steve discussed bitcoin over coffee.