Joie de Vivre

Charles Street 12

It was a very good weekend! We completed the Under Armour Charles Street 12 mile race again. This makes the 3rd time for me.

Beverly and Jim crossing the finish line holding hands.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve adjusted our approach to speed walking/running. The walking can be harder to sustain. As we push ourselves, it almost feels easier to run. And, we did run a mile or two.

Our time was only 2 minutes slower than last year, when we ran the whole thing. That amazes me!


We had a lovely dinner at Cafe Campli. It was our first visit there.

Cheese Board
Blurry pic of me
seafood delight
eggplant pasta

And then had a pre-game football lunch at Stuggy’s on Sunday.

I ate a hotdog named after Frank Zappa, and it was delicious.


Kafka enjoyed linguine and clams

Franz Kafka enjoyed linguine and clams. Perhaps you already knew that.

Joie de Vivre

Battles at Ram’s Head

My daughter got me a ticket to see Battles at Ram’s Head. They were opening for Mr. Bungle. I really like Ian Williams, and I’m so happy I got to see him/them live. I can’t help wonder how long they will keep doing this. It was a relatively short set, and was long enough, at that. Two men fill up a lot space together, and John Stanier has two modes: off/110%.

Battles on stage

We had to leave before Mr. Bungle went on (it’s a school night). I’m not sad about it, either.

Battles on stage

I missed El Ten Eleven when they came to DC. I’m curious as to how these bands manage complicated loop cycles. I was impressed, and also a little happy to see that even the mighty battles can flub a loop (Mirrors).

I would have liked to see them as a trio, and very much want to have more Ian on guitar time, rather than just Ian doing everything at once time.


Advanced spirituality toolkit

If you know, you know.

Joie de Vivre

Fishbone at the Lyric

We got to see Fishbone – twice in one year! They opened for George Clinton/Parliament Funkadelic at the Lyric.

This is just my opinion, but… I don’t know why anyone – even the great George Clinton – would want to perform after Fishbone. You can’t follow them! They are too awesome. I think this billing was a lot of fun and made sense, but holy cats Fishbone are a machine.

I enjoyed seeing Parliament, too. What a night!



Towson University flier with dates of show: 7/1-8/4/2023.

For the first time, I got to participate in an exhibition at Towson University. As you may recall, I completed my MFA during the pandemic time, and posted my exhibition on

Me leaning against the wall looking at a screen with My Job as the Moon playing.
My honey

Again is a nice show. Erin Lehman sent me the following curatorial statement:

“All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.” (J.M. Barrie) To repeat, to return, to add or go back. To do. Again. And then once more. The word  “again” may denote repetition, renewal, or reuse. It suggests commitment and focus,  the joy of digging in, variations on a theme that builds to a whole greater than its  individual parts, often to a wonderfully surprising conclusion. Repetition can be  meditative, creating ritual and routine that brings order and comfort. It requires patience,  but also discernment. The artists in this exhibition have found joy in continuity, in going  backwards in order to move forwards. They bring together parts of the whole, or they  build on what has come before. They play with similar themes, techniques, or ideas to  create a body of work that calls the viewer to explore on both a macro and micro level,  to discover a mix of repetition and new exploration that calms the mind and excites the  imagination. The work is often luscious in detail, materials, or pattern. Their commitment  allows us to journey alongside them, bringing our own notions and experiences to the  what now and what next?

Again statement, Erin Lehman, PhD

My Job as the Moon looped in the gallery. I wish I’d gotten more photos. The rest of my pics were blurry/weird. I was happy/honored to be included!

View of the gallery with attendees looking at the art