Baltimore Pedal Show

I had a lovely day with my daughter and Jeff, my colleague from Bazooka Joe. Jeff came down from NYC. Baltimore had a pedal show at the Metro Gallery, and several of my favorite pedal companies were there: Old Blood Noise Endeavors, Chase Bliss Audio and Champion Leccy. Dan Pechacek (Dan explains it all) was manning the OBNE table. I was his first customer, and he sold me the Expression Ramper X3. It was delightful to speak with him, after watching so many of his videos. He’s very tall!

I finally got to meet Wooly from Champion Leccy in person and talk with him. Members of Zocko (formerly coastguard were there) and Jeff and I met up with some guys from the old days.

I played Prophecy Instrument’s guitars – they are lovingly made here in Baltimore, and felt really good.

It was a thrill for me to have this in my own town, and it seemed like a huge success!