Guitar Repairs

I found the luthier “Brooklyn Fretworks” on Instagram. Chip posted about modifying a “lawsuit” Ibanez into a black beauty 3 humbucker model, and I was impressed by his willingness to do that job. I was delighted to see it’s the Baltimore neighborhood of Brooklyn, and not NYC.

I took the Shillelagh to him for a couple of modifications, namely the volume pot had gone bad. Chip fixed this, and then I went back with my Squier Bass vi.

The Shillelagh is performing as designed!

Getting the Bass VI seaworthy was a bit more involved. I had picked it up with the hopes of having it be my main bass in Coastguard, but it’s taken me this long to complete the mods. I recorded a few things with it, and knew this model will work for me.

I had read a bunch of posts about modifications to the Squier Bass VI that could potentially bring it up to rival the Fender Bass VI.

Here’s what we did.

  • Ordered and installed a StayTrem replacement bridge from England
  • Added collars around the StayTrem posts in the body of the guitar, to make it stay put. The post collar closest to the high E string is copper, which adds grounding
  • Added copper shielding in the body
  • Replaced the pots and wiring
  • Added a bone nut
  • Swapped the factory string for round wound strings, and Chip did a complete set up with the new strings
  • Slight shim to the neck to adjust for the new bridge

What a difference! She sounds like a bass with the new strings, and plays 100% better. It will take me a little getting used to (I’m not sure I love round wounds yet).

I’m happy, and recommend Brooklyn Fretworks!