RPM Challenge 2024

And so, with great anticipation, I return to the RPM challenge.

It’s a very cold night here in Baltimore – 18 degrees as I type this. We don’t get many of these anymore, so I’m kind of relishing this season. Maryland is wonderful for its diverse seasons. asks participants to accept the challenge of completing a musical project during the month of February. It can be a song, an Ep, and album, or even a boxed set.

I chose Ep this year, with the hopes of completing at least 4 songs – and I mean songs in the more traditional sense – and then some more experimental pieces.

I then read that it is acceptable to complete already started songs, which moves me a lot closer to the goal stated above, and quite possibly an entire album.

I’ve done this enough times to know that what I set out to do, and the material I end up with, usually are very different. We shall see.

Last year’s RPM album was A chop off the old block.