The Shillelagh

I went to my P.O. box this week, and was surprised to find a large box waiting for me from my college roommate and old friend, Brent.

I was speechless.

He made this guitar, a hobby he perfected up during the pandemic.

He walked me through the guitar – he knew I didn’t own a telecaster, so he started there. The neck, with its strat-like headstock, is nice and thick, like a ’58 Les Paul. It has Wolftone P90 pick-ups (mean and meaner). It’s obviously Green sparkle, a huge weakness of mine. The fret markers GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!!! It has an f-hole!

I am so touched by Brent’s thoughtfulness and generosity. The Shillelagh is a welcome addition to my little musical family, and I’m excited to see what we can make together.