Memorial Day

I have a rule for posting stuff online, and that is to “always be positive.” I think we draw the things that we think about most to ourselves, even if that’s just a heightened awareness of those things. So, I like to focus and share share what I find to be “positive.”

Today, I am very sad, and I decided to dedicate this post to commemorate the loss of a beautiful tree.

The house next door has many problems. I know some of these problems from talking with the previous occupants. It’s been on and off the market for years, going through foreclosures, bank sales, and rentals.

Recently, I met the new owner. She bemoaned her many house problems, including the cost of having the tree between our houses removed.

The tree was perfectly healthy. I know this because I hired a tree expert to trim the branches over my house, and he told me so. He admired the tree, and then gave me good advice on taking care of it. He showed me how to properly trim it to grow away from my roof, which I did.

I shared all of this information with the new neighbor, who still lives elsewhere. She nodded and then promptly hired Hamby Tree Experts to come ruin Memorial day with their catastrophic tree murder. It took two days of roaring chainsaws, dust in the air, and house shaking thuds.

This was my neighbor’s right, of course. Yet, it’s completely changed the character of my yard. The shade on our house/yard is gone, as is a lot of privacy. Part of the charm of old neighborhoods are the old trees we live with. This tree was beautiful, and I admired it daily. Now, it feels like a front tooth has gone missing.

As mentioned, I am sad. We need more trees, and this seems completely pointless. I’m going to have to figure out what we can plant to help with this loss.

One of the pups was sick, too. Don’t worry – he’s fine. It turned out to be some kind of stomach bug, but when a 14 year old dog stops eating and drinking, it’s scary. We spent the weekend hanging out with him, and ended up watching four different movies.

This was a completely random selection and yet, memorable. They worked well together. I had not seen any of them, and particularly enjoyed L.A. Confidential and Reptile. I loved Benicio del Toro and Alicia Silverstone as a couple. Great story! Inside Man and Traffic inspired a new kind of nostalgia for me – 90’s-early aughts. It was an enjoyable combo.