Skate & Create


At the last game, my awesome teammates handed me a gift certificate for new skates.  I just got a message from the Derby Star Pro Shop that they are ready. I got the Riedell 265 boot and Sure Grip Magnesium Avenger plates. I like Atom Stinger wheels (88A) – I haven’t skated on anything harder yet. And I’m using Rollerbones Bearings this time, instead of my usual Bones Reds.  I’ve destroyed two sets of those in a year.



I bought my first pair of skates from Marzipain for $50 on May 31, 2011. They were great to get started with – although a size too big, which made running toe-starts impossible. I wore them from June until December of 2011.



I then picked up a pair of Rock “Speed Freaks” on ebay for around $100.  I figured if my buddy Just Tim could do the amazing things he did in them, they should be more than good enough for me. They are a good rookie starter skate, designed for casual skating and/or maybe 8 months of derby skating. Mine made it though 14 months of hard skating. I suspect they are the culprit involved in my twisted ankle – they resemble blown out sneakers.


And here are my new ones – I picked them up after work. I can’t wait to go skate.