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The Misfit Toys VS. The Silver Hell’s Bells

As my previous post suggested, 60 some odd players from the east coast region joined the CRD at Shipley Arena for “Season’s Beatings.” I played in the first game – which was my first real game – with the Misfit Toys. There were two 20 minute halves in which I played blocker in about every third jam. The Dalai Trama bench coached and did a fabulous job.

With a couple of exceptions, all the pirates of CRD skated or officiated. Skating with and getting feedback from such great players from other leagues was a fantastic learning experience. A wide range of skill was presented on the track – I’m grateful I had a chance to get out there. Also, I was hit harder than I’ve ever been hit (on roller skates) and skated with a couple of the fastest guys I’ve ever seen.

The girls had fun, too.


[photo: John C. Purvis]