Skate & Create


It was just about a year ago when The Chesapeake Roller Derby sent some of their pirates to visit my sick daughter, who was struggling with severe POTS.  Life was extremely challenging. We were having a rough time finding medical support for her.  This visit felt like someone opened a window and let fresh air in. The league adopted our family.  It rejuvenated all four of us, each in our own way. That visit was a huge gift to our family. We’ve made  new lifelong friends, discovered a whole new way to have fun and all four of us are now on skates.

We had our season opener yesterday. I played for the Land Hos in position #2  and #3 on THE Dalai Trauma’s squad. It was a gorgeous day and frankly HOT in the Shipley Arena (better hot than cold, in my opinion). We had two solid weeks of scrimmaging leading up to the game and and I don’t want to stop. I can’t wait for the next one.

Here’s a gazillion pictures.

Final score

007 and Bench Coach May Day.

Vesper 0010

Rivers Rockabilly Trio (who know the James Bondage theme)

Young Em getting some glitter

THE Dalai Trauma

Vesper with the track to herself

Dalai’s entrance

The Vampirates and the Land Hos



The hardest two hits I received came just after this photo – look at Jacob’s face.

My buddies Chas & Scott

Killa Maul and her amazing hair.