Special Forces

A new batch of soldier have emerged from the Department of Make Your Own Action Figures™, and they are ready to get to work!

Army man with cactus head
Captain Mortar Cactus
Army man with flame thrower and too many legs
Col. Heat, bringing the heat
Flame Thrower
Bazooka Joe
Bazooka Joe
Melted army man
Melted army man
Sargent Rock
Melted army man
Melted army man - just legs
General Boot
Chopped up toy army men parts

Happening in the Lab

More late night images from the Department of Make Your Own Action Figures™

plastic Indian with t-rex fused to chest
Cowboy with T-Rex tail
plastic indian with t-rex fused to chest

Actor Factory

Silicon molds and plastic mixture

I’ve written previously about my lifelong proclivity for melting army men and cowboys into new creatures. I’ve recently discovered a new twist on the theme – making molds from them, and casting new figures in plastic!

I know, I know – the world doesn’t need more plastic waste, and I won’t make a career out of this. But, it’s immensely satisfying to have single form characters, with no melted parts and weak joints.

I’ve been reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth again. In chapter four, he says two things that I find relevant to what I’m doing here. First, he says:

We need to honor the world of things, not despise it. Each thing has Beingness, is a temporary form that has its origin within the formless one Life, the source of all things, all bodies, all forms.

He goes on the write:

In most ancient cultures, people believed that everything, even so­ called inanimate objects, had an indwelling spirit, and in this respect they were closer to the truth than we are today.

I feel a little like Dr. Frankenstein doing Weird Science – making hosts for indwelling spirits.

I’m still getting the hang of the casting process. Below are some early efforts.

Lobster tail with human legs attached

One example – I took the legs from a cowboy, and fused them with the tail of a plastic lobster.

Green, White, Pink and Orange Lobster tail men

I tried creating an anthropomorphic foot guy. Below, the one on the left is the original, and the other two were early casts.

Giant foot people

I liked this guy so much that I took the idea further. I found the most perfect Bond-like villain figure. Meet, Dr. Stinky (and his pet, Smelly). First, the original made from several different figures and parts:

Sexy Villain

Here are smaller figures, which didn’t quite turn out as I hoped.

And here are some work in progress photos.

One of the lessons I’ve learned is, when Smooth-On says something has a 3 minute “pot life,” then I really need to get it mixed and poured in 2 minutes 45 seconds. Another lesson – make sure there are vents (made with straws or coffee stirrers) for air to escape.

Next, I’m going to try slightly larger figures.

Update: I made a trailer for the villains…


More Action Figure Actors

I’ve been working in the lab again, doing character development. I am looking forward to working with these fine folks.

Mantis Soldier looking mournful
Spider Soldier
Back of the Spider Soldier
Red Ibis Cowboy
Red Ibis Cowboy
Soldier Mantis
Blue tentacle-headed figure
Blue tentacle-headed figure
Blue tentacle-headed figure
Rhino Soldier
Rhino Soldier


Here are some newish characters. Two of a kind, to be sure.

Two feet with legs of their own
She's got legs