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  • A Chop off the Old Block

    A Chop off the Old Block

    I finished the RPM challenge again. As mentioned previously, I set out to write and produce five songs for an Ep. I was aiming for five instrumental guitar based songs, and I have ideas for them. I have ideas for 10+ instrumental guitar based songs, in fact. But I’m lacking time to do them justice. […]

  • S.Ex no.3

    S.Ex no.3

    I spent the weekend hacking tape players, and fooling around with electronic components. Here’s a cool xravistan that adds tremolo functionality to a cassette player. The LED shows the pulse. I randomly recorded myself playing drums, and then listened back. There’s a break in the loop (not sure why) and then I played along with…

  • S.Ex no. 2

    S.Ex no. 2

    Here’s a bit of a WIP, where I tried a screen test in the Theoretical Audio Lab. I’ve been fooling around with animating photos in the studio to have as a visual accompaniment. Promising! And just look at the crazy drums I’ve been using. I’ve been scouring reverb and ebay for very cheap, MIJ (made…

  • Theoretical Audio Laboratory

    Theoretical Audio Laboratory

    This has been a nice, long walk to get here. Here being the beginning of a project from which I’ve been assembling materials and ideas throughout the pandemic. I made a joke to myself a while back that goes “if you don’t have someone to play with, play with yourself.” And then I laughed to…

  • Punk Frockers

    Punk Frockers by Jim Doran I made some graphics and music for the Punk Frockers community sewing podcast. The first episode will go live later this month. I think I’ll count this toward a track of this year’s RPM challenge.

  • RPM Challenge 2021

    RPM Challenge 2021

    Following up on the 2021 make-music-every-day post, I’m declaring, once again, that I’m participating in the RPM challenge. What’s more, my daughter and my girlfriend’s son are playing along, too. The RPM Challenge is a creative challenge to anyone to record music in February. We give you a deadline of March 1 to complete it…

  • A Ship in a Storm

    I had the distinct privilege to help Lily record the above cello piece that she composed. It’s written for three cellos, and she read her transcription and played the parts quickly and efficiently. We recorded this at the Dead Chicken Ranch in Baltimore. Lily composed and performed the music, and I engineered the recording for…