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  • Go Bananas

    With a little earworm help from meatpole.

  • Blister Freak Circus at SoWeBo ’94

    Beef Platter Records posted several videos of Blister Freak Circus at the South West Baltimore Festival, the hot summer on 1994. Sincerely, Doorjam, bass guitar


    Back in 1995, my pals in Blister Freak Circus and The Sick contributed some music/acting to a 1970’s inspired exploitation movie called “SHANK.” I’d forgotten completely all about it until I stumbled on this clip just now  (the movie was never released, as far as I know).

  • Blister Freak Circus raffle

    I just found this as I was unpacking. It’s from show I once played, where the band sponsored a contest to win several pounds of scrapple. I’m fairly certain that the scrapple ended up in a toilet supply tank at that club.