Keep it like a Secret

The knowledge hungry grackles are at it again. This one is writing with one of Hedwig’s feathers in a tiny, hand-stitched book.




As an aside, I cut the side of my thumb off while working on this. I made the book with 8 fingers and one thumb. The gauze kept interfering with the fine paper. Trying to sew with that on was challenging and for this reason, I’m especially proud of this one.



Glow-in-the-Dark Vanitas



Vanitas provide a moral justification for painting attractive objects.

Attractive GLOW IN THE DARK objects.

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WordCamp Midatlantic 2010

John Waters was at Barnes & Noble signing his book!

I had a quick book signing, too, [ Head First WordPress – see here for complete details ] for a complete stranger that I’ve never met, ever.

Finally, Baltimore WordPress peeps, there’s a new user’s group meeting on Monday the 20th.

Joie de Vivre

The Terrible Things

The Terrible Thing that Happened to me and Other Stories, Too
by Greg Sucharew
25 cents

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Head First WordPress Book Signing Tonight!

Well – this is post #300, and as luck would have it, a significant post for a significant event. I had my first book signing this evening at Barnes & Noble for the book I worked on as a technical editor – Head First WordPress.

The signing didn’t go quite like I expected. It seems the staff didn’t know I was coming. But, no worries – I carried on!

Photo credit: B&N Security Guy

Joie de Vivre


my long lost journal

Around the time I wrote the Sketchy post, something told me to go back to a certain physicians’ meeting room and look for my missing book.

Is it not written, “Listen to your gut?”

I did go back and look, yet again, and still couldn’t find it. This time, I mentioned it to some staff who work in that area. It was indeed still there, under paperwork and miscellaneous debris – the good Dr. Herman found it a yesterday.

I am so attached to this book that I am tempted to pick up where I’ve left off. Alas, the Moleskine has won me over, and I’ll be transcribing the contents of THIS one to the new one, and then delegating this one to home use. Still, there is something immensely satisfying about finding a lost, well loved object.