When I visited San Fransisco last fall, I met this wonderful old gal. Her name is Gina, and she’s since gone over the rainbow bridge. It was lovely to get to know her a bit while staying with her parents.

Gina the dog

I made this diorama for Gina’s folks. They told me that raccoons come into the house at night through the dog panel in their door. I was so envious!

Front view of diorama
Left view of diorama
Right view of diorama
Top view of diorama
WIP view.

The Ghost in the Grandmother Clock

Tin box shaped like a house

The inspiration for this comes from family, and in particular, my grandmother.

Rosamond Laurie Doran died before I was born, in Panama.  She was a nurse.

The names on the tombstones belong to the dead raccoons that were killed by cars. They are buried in my yard.

graveyard with tombstones

There is a ghost in the clock – shrouded, because I’ve never met this particular ghost.

inside the haunted house

Ghost in the grandmother clock

Symbols of the Doran Family

Above the bolo knife is a painting my grandmother made.  It’s the only thing I have of hers.  It hangs in my dining room, and she signed it. She was quite beautiful.

Rosamond Doran

I often sense that she looks after me.

Grandma Doran's painting

Tiny paper-cut flowers




The Clock

Here’s part of a piece I’m putting in a show next month. It’s a triptych – this is the middle section. It’s not finished yet, but it’s fun to share WIPs.

This is the second grandfather clock I’ve made for this piece (the first was a prototype). Well, it’s really the fifth, if I count the sketchbook. I discovered last summer that if I work on the layers in my sketchbook before working in the diorama, I end up with a record of the piece, which will stay around after the diorama goes to live somewhere else.

Here’s the first rough sketch I did:

I’m interested in the idea of theater, the physical space and and what happens there.


I’ve finished this piece and am adding a few more pics below.

There – that’s better.