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  • Elm Street

    Elm Street

    This was a sweet commission for a nice man.

  • Elgin

    Here’s a holiday commission I made for a colleague’s parents. They live with a robot named Elgin. Given that prompt, and that they like Jazz…this showed up.

  • Tin is for Ten

    A tenth anniversary commission from new friends in England.



    This was a super fun commission – someone mailed me this tin and asked for a scene. This is a story to which I keep returning. Here’s the “wanna get weird fellow” again.

  • A Love Scene

    A Love Scene


  • Smelly Cat

    Smelly Cat

  • Death Salon Film Festival Awards

    Death Salon Film Festival Awards

    I created two awards for the 2016 Death Salon Film Festival, which takes place this weekend in Texas. This event is hosted by my pals in the Order of the Good Death. Below – the Jury Award and Audience Favorite (What if the same film maker wins BOTH)??? And, just for fun, here are some…

  • Muse, revisited

    Take three:

  • Noah


    I made this for The Glimmermen, a small Irish independent music band. They just finished mastering their debut album, which was recorded in Baltimore with the help of J. Robbins. Gavin wrote me to see if I’d be interested in working on this, explaining they have a song called “I’m Dead.”  As he wrote: “I…

  • Dragon Fire

    Here’s a commission for a three headed dragon (thank you thank you thank you MC).  This one is chasing a pearly sphere.  

  • Who IS Mori?

    More Mori (9/13/15)

  • Curiously Strong

    I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a representative of Altoids. They commissioned a piece from me for an auction to raise money for Americans for the Arts. It’s currently available on e-bay, starting at a very low bid. Please check it out! Here’s what I made: The ticket seller is five…