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  • Year Three

    Year Three

    Let’s make year three of the pandemic the best one yet!

  • Ok, Zoomer

    Ok, Zoomer

    Last winter, the Hamilton Gallery presented the Bearing Witness show online, not knowing how/when the pandemic was going to resolve. Lucky for all, it will be in person this summer! I had submitted Pestilence Rides Out for the digital show. I’ve been collecting my thoughts and objects regarding this time in our lives, and decided…

  • Everything is Over

    Here’s a quickie I did, to support my old college pal, Frankie Rollins. Her new book is called The Grief Manuscript. It’s powerful and moving and sad and about divorce. It’s available on Amazon, of course. This animation is drawn from imagery in the manuscript.

  • The Widower Tailor and The Story of His Scissors

    I found this amazing mantle clock at the thrift store – the same day I found the Arister clock, in fact. I found this notice in the back of the clock, and as a point of interest, I read several articles about this company. It’s not reverent to this story, however, so I’ll write no…

  • Santa Muerte Portrait

    One of a set, Santa Muerte is a cousin the the Four Horsemen.

  • Joie de Mort

    Waking up in the Land of the Dead, our protagonist finds they are not alone! What Joy! What fun, to start the next adventure companionably and fortified with excellent company!

  • Tarot Tins

    I’ve always loved the imagery on Tarot cards, and the endless possibilities for representing them. I thought I’d start with some traditional cards…

  • Tin is for Ten

    A tenth anniversary commission from new friends in England.

  • Ashes to Ashes

    Ashes to Ashes

    This piece is made in a late grandfather’s violin (thank you Jeanne and luthier Susan Hopkins for helping me get it/open). This is in the current show at the Smith Healing Gallery in DC – details here. Without saying too much, I love string instruments that have f-holes. This particular violin echoes a coffin, and…

  • Death Salon Film Festival Awards

    Death Salon Film Festival Awards

    I created two awards for the 2016 Death Salon Film Festival, which takes place this weekend in Texas. This event is hosted by my pals in the Order of the Good Death. Below – the Jury Award and Audience Favorite (What if the same film maker wins BOTH)??? And, just for fun, here are some…

  • Raccoon Skeletons

    Raccoon Skeletons

    For years, I’ve been bringing dead raccoons home to bury them in a makeshift pet cemetery. It is a nice thing to do for them, and it provides a safe way for me to interact with them. I recently started a new taxidermy experiment. I’m not so interested in stuffing them at this point (although I would…

  • Death and the Maiden

    Death and the Maiden

    Made with a heart shaped altoids box:    

  • santa muerte

    santa muerte

    A new Santa Muerte.

  • Death Salon – Mütter Museum

    Death Salon – Mütter Museum

    I’m very excited to say that I’ll be part of The Dark Artisans’ Bazaar at this year’s Death Salon, which takes place at the Mütter Museum! I’ll have a table with a lot of art and some new surprises. The Death Salon will take place on October 5 & 6, 2015. The Mütter is located…