Joie de Vivre

The Dubious House guest

We have a lovely routine, where we have a date every weekend. We take turns choosing someplace to go, if we go out, or what to cook, if we stay in. This weekend, it was Beverly’s turn, and as we were driving on Perring Parkway, a pit bull ran through traffic, and narrowly missed being hit by several cars. I asked Beverly to park, and we set out to find the pit.

After about 10 minutes, I found her going up to the doors of row homes. I called out to her, and offered her treats. A neighbor in one of these houses asked if she was my dog, and I said “No.” He gave me some actual treats to lure her to me, and I managed to get her into our car, and back to the house. I called animal control, and they said they would send someone out. Counting my Goose, she’s the 3rd pit I’ve rescued, among quite a few other dogs that I have helped out of harm’s way. If I can’t figure out where they live, then I usually confine them in my yard, and Animal Control eventually picks them up.

It was damp out, but not very cold, so we left her in the yard and went to eat.

I put some food out for her, and clean water. She drank a little, and set out to explore the yard.

She was still there when we returned home.

I decided to bring some blankets out and wait with her for her ride. She settled down, and crawled into my lap. She fell asleep, too.

The temperature started to drop, and we decided to bring her inside.

It was a good thing we did, because Animal Control had not contacted us yet. She and I were in for a long night of blanket sharing on my stoop.

She seemed exhausted from her ordeal, and happily settled in Pi’s crate. We all turned in for the night, and luckily for all of us, Animal Control picked her up the next morning around 10:45 am.

She had a collar with both a recent rabies vaccination tag, and a tag for BARCS. She walked well on a leash, was used to both crates and treats, and seemed very well fed. She was very sweet, and we took to each other immediately. She knew how to sit, and when the Animal Control officer arrived, our dubious houseguest knew exactly how to get into the pen in the back of the truck.

One of my favorite things is to be able to help dogs, especially pitties. I shared her photo on Instagram, thanking BARCS for getting her, and Instagram suggested I do a fundraiser. So, I set a goal of $100 and so far we have raised $143.83. How about that?

It’s a cold, rainy night as I type this. I’m glad our sweet friend is safe, and hopefully reunited with her people.