Anatomy of a Crime Scene

Anatomy of a Crime Scene, no. 11.

Perhaps this story will be familiar to you. A good egg, probably minding his own business, when trouble suddenly strikes under a bird-free sky. It happens all too often anymore.

When will this end? Will they ever catch those responsible?


Eggs and Spoons

Here is a much more elaborate stop motion test, where I explored lighting and camera position. No eggs were harmed in the making of this video, and the spoons were a delight to handle! <- see what I did there?


Inside the Egg (prototype)

To explore more delicate containers for my dioramas, I decided to try egg shells. I used a pin to poke holes in the top and bottom of an egg, and then used a screwdriver to make a larger hole at the bottom. I used the bulb of a turkey baster to push the contents of the egg out through the larger hole in the bottom.

I then bleached the inside of the egg and rinsed it with soap and water.



I used a dremel/engraving tool to make the hole(s), and then added the scene. I can light the egg from the hole at the bottom, too.






Coo Coo Cachoo

Here is a stop motion short featuring that I made with features both hand drawn frames and object animation.

I started by drawing the actor, “Egg,” using a light table. I have a round plastic peg bar, made by¬†Lightfoot.


I then photographed each drawing…


And I used Dragonframe to export all the images as video.


I’m learning a lot from this process, especially the need to pay attention to the lighting. This little clip took more hours to produce than I’d like to admit, but I can see ways to streamline the production. I was very interested to see how the line quality of Egg’s tie and jacket would present when animated. I then switched to a thicker marker as he approaches his “freeze” scene. At one point, I accidentally blew on the “Jimmies” coming from his head, which scattered them across the table. I laboriously recreated the original position of each piece. And I didn’t notice until after shooting the entire sequence that I am visible in the spoon. I left it, but that was a “mistake.”