Family Comic Night

The last thing I responded to at ArtScape was the call for the “Comic Strip” exhibit. They are going to cover each window pane at Penn station with a single panel from a comic.  I was really looking forward to this – and, as such, ended up procrastinating something awful. My strips suffered a bit for it, too.

The very best-est coolest part is that the girls drew and submitted comics, too.

CoCoa adopted a theme I use called “The Incredibly Delicate Threads of Sleep.” And Leezle’s is about a magical panda that grows wings. Somehow, her comics usually involve a lot of pooping, regardless of the plot development.

Not sure what was accepted. Both the girls worked hard on this, especially Cocoa.

Here’s Coco’s:

And here is Leezle’s:


Family Art Night

In an attempt to balance my kids’ urges to practice corporate accounting, financial law and quantitative decision making for business, we make art together. For the second year in a row, we participated in the National Arts Program Exhibit at Johns Hopkins (December ’09).

Lily made this painting specifically for the event. She started off painting pictures of Coraline and arrived at the Solar System. It has shooting stars.

Cocoa entered her Oscilloscope, which usually hangs in my studio. I LOVE this painting.

My friend and colleague RJ entered a photo, too. It’s the one of himself, taken alone with an old, manual camera. We haven’t worked out how he did it.

To my astonishment, I took home a first place prize. Dr. Ed Miller, CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine and Dean of the School of Medicine handed me an envelope.

Here’s me and the drawer…

Finally, a better photograph of  the Mystery of the Loaves and Fishes, an  impossible-to-photograph-well piece. Click the one below for larger.

Thanks to Fred Dubs for the last three pics here.


National Arts Program at Hopkins

Today opened the National Arts Program at Johns Hopkins Medicine. RJ,   Leezle, CoCo and I submitted pieces. The opening was packed – and bigger than I expected. The show features many talented people (kids and adults).

This is something CoCo painted for me called “Lunch with Papa.” I love the color in this. And, I love lunch.

Below is Leezle’s very timely painting called “Obama.” I wish he could see it.

Below is yours truly with “Frida’s Sitting Room,” blogged here:

And last but not least, my dear friend and colleague RJ Malacas with a portrait of his father (who is battling cancer):

I love that picture of his Dad.

Good stuff.


Frida Kahlo Sitting Room (Final)

There’s an exhibition at work this month (all four Dorans are participating).  This is pen and India ink, 6″X6″ on Bristol board (click for larger).

© copyright 2008 jim doran.



Pumpkins have many, many strings in them. Click for larger and see for yourself.

pen & ink, copyright jim doran 2008


Pen and Ink

I submitted four drawings for consideration at a show in ArtScape this year. The show is really about pens. So, here are my two favorite pens:

Koh-i-neer Rapidograph technical pens

I love these – shown are the .25 and .50 mm nib models. I’ve found they don’t really gum up easily and are a dream to draw with and easy to take care for. I also have a .35 model, but I use these two most often.

Here are two of my four submissions:


Sleigh Bone Drawing

I’ve posted a draft of 7 Fish previously. Here’s the final drawing, click for larger:

7 fish

12×9 India ink on bristol board

I drew both of these using the technical pens.