Charon, the ferryman shadowbox diorama

Charon, the ferryman, helps those, known as “them,” cross the Dead Sea to reach the Land of the Dead, their final reward. I’ve been wanting to do a shadowbox type diorama for a long time. This will be in an upcoming show in the city of Greenbelt. The frame is 10″ x 10″.

Charon the Ferryman

Charon the Ferryman

Charon the Ferryman

Charon the Ferryman WIP

A paper-cut ship WIP

The Graveyard Bowl

So…after many years since experimenting with clay (which, I was truly experimenting with, not having any training), I was lucky enough to have brief access to a kiln. This was my first attempt at making bowls in, again, mucho years.

Bones-1 Bones-3 Bones-RIP bones-devil Bones-4



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